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Supporting Critical Industry During COVID-19

  • Andrew Mitchell

As the effects of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) are being felt all over the world, we at On Line Design & Engineering have been taking all necessary actions to protect our people, while continuing to provide services for our clients.

Our operational facilities in Grimsby, continue to provide essential services to the food, petrochemical and utility business’s. Our workshops remain open and site teams are available to continue to provide services as required.

Our consultancy offices in Hessle and Pelham Road, Immingham, remain open (8:00am – 4:30pm Mon to Fri) for coordinating functions only. Our design and engineering teams are all fully operational from their home offices. 

What can we do?
Full engineering design and site surveys under controlled conditions in accordance with government guidelines. 

How is the work carried out?
Our Design and Engineering teams can connect into our main computer system remotely to deliver the works in our usual manner.

How do I know people are working?
We can ensure compliance and work output as all work / keystrokes are recorded utilising “Logmein.”

What about Cyber security?
“Logmein” allows for secure access into the On Line Design & Engineering servers and has all the cyber security of our main system.

What about our data?
Rest assured your data continues to be safely stored on our servers. We utilise software that does not allow any data in/out of our data servers without being recorded and tracked. 

How can we communicate effectively?
Other than normal email, telephone we have also installed additional video conferencing in each office. Our staff from their various locations are utilising Microsoft Teams software every day to continue to deliver to our clients.

If we can help in anyway, please contact us using our 'Contact us' page or;
Telephone: 01469 577695