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Additional Investment in the On Line Group IT Infrastructure

  • Chris Howell


Last year the Group upgraded the leased line connections between their offices in Hull, Immingham and Grimsby to 1Gb and it has now signed a contract with Virgin Media Business to increase their internet bandwidth from 100Mb/sec to 1Gb (a tenfold increase).

This provides all Group Companies with an exclusive 1Gb asynchronous (i.e. upload as well as download) internet connection. Most residential connections are shared with up to 50 other homes which impact on performance at peak times.

Chris Howell the Group IT manager said “It is only 26 years since the World Wide Web was invented by Tim Berners-Lee, and less than 20 years since Broadband was launched in the UK. Prior to that the Company was using a dial up modem service and paying by the minute for connected time, but now we have unlimited ‘always on’ Internet availability at speeds that could not even be envisaged at that time.”

“This will put the On Line Group in a stronger position to take on board additional cloud based products as they evolve (Office 365 is just one that we all use on a daily basis).  We are also looking at the options available to change our telephony packages from the older ISDN infrastructure to a SIP solution.  This would effectively route all telephone calls in and out of every office location through an internet connection negating the need for traditional telephone lines.”