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On Line Group to Launch New Intranet

  • Mel Dent
  • On Line Group

On Line Group are proud to announce that over the next few weeks we aim to ‘GO LIVE’ with our new intranet.

On Line Group feel that we need a platform that not only enables our employees to communicate and collaborate more easily with each other, but to drive engagement, productivity, morale and retention within the company.

We also want our new intranet to reflect our brand and enable employees to receive, search for and easily find up to date news and vital company information such as policies, procedures and resources, on any device.

Prior to launch date employees will receive a simple guide to logging-on and other supporting documents to help with any technical issues with accessing the platform and the IT team will be on standby throughout launch week to answer any questions that arise.

Employees will require time to get familiar with logging-on for the first time using the new functionality and with such a big launch like this, problems may occur and areas may need amending, so your consideration will be required whilst everyone gets used to the new platform.

Further information regarding the ‘GO LIVE’ date will be released over the next couple of weeks.

Mel Dent

Mel Dent
Leadership Team,Executive Directors

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